Park Rules



The Board of Directors of Bali Hi Park, Inc. has adopted these rules to protect the investment of stockholders in Bali Hi Park and to enhance the desirability of residing in the park These Rules are designed to prevent nuisances and the impairment of the attractiveness of the Community and are deemed necessary for the order, peace, health, safety and operation of the Park, and for securing and promoting the convenience, safety and welfare of the stockholders Except as otherwise provided herein, the Board of Directors reserves the right, in its reasonable discretion, to modify or amend these rules in order to attain the stated objectives.


I.  Buildings and Site:  
A. Units

  1. All recreational vehicles, park trailers and cabins, or other structures placed on a lot in the park shall be maintained in good condition and repair and the exterior of all Units shall be clean, neat and properly painted at all times. The Board of Directors reserves the right to require reasonable repair, maintenance and improvements of any Unit, any Unit that is not currently located in the park shall be approved prior to its being located on any site within the park. The following types of trailers are disallowed in the park: pop-up campers, conversion recreational vehicles and trailers with canvas pullouts, lofts, trailers and park models over 17 feet in height from ground to peak.
  2. Utility service, including water, electricity, sewer and all others are to be properly connected and protected before a resident takes occupancy, and shall remain so during the stay. Qualified parties, in accordance with all applicable governmental regulations, must perform major utility services, if repairs are needed.
  3. Utilities are to be kept in good repair and plumbing leaks are to be repaired immediately. The Park Manager reserves the right to shut off the water supply to a Unit if a water  leak exists, wherever such action is deemed by the Park Manager to be in the best interest of the park. Outside showers are not permitted in the park.
  4. All Units:
    1.  All new Units shall be located on a site in strict compliance with the Worcester County Code. A stockholder, before applying for a building permit, must submit a drawing of the site plan for approval by the Park Manager. Upon approval of the site plan, the Application for Building Permit must be applied through the Park Manager and must comply with the County Code.
    2. All Units must be installed in a uniform manner in accordance with the County Code. Each lot must have poles with the number of the lot on the right side of the property according to County Code.
    3. Due to the location of underground utilities, any and all anchors must get approval of the Park Manager or Board of Directors.
    4. Recreational vehicles that are not tied down to a FEMA pad are not permitted to stay at the park during the off season according to Worcester County Code. All recreational trailers that are not tied down must have a current and valid license plate. This is a Worcester County rule in case of a mandatory evacuation.
    5. All Units shall be heated and cooled by electricity or propane gas only. No heating oil tanks shall be located on any site within the park. Propane tanks are limited in size to two hundred pounds capacity.
    6. All Units shall comply with all State and County fire regulations. Such regulations shall be posted for review at the Park Manager’s office.
    7. Cable service is available to each site in the park. The cost of the cable service is paid as a part of the maintenance payment. Any upgrade in addition to the cable service, i.e., High Definition, additional programming will be paid by the stockholder or renter and will not be part of the maintenance payment. Arrangements for additional billing will be made through Mediacom.
    8. Internet service is available to each site in the park. The cost of the internet service is paid as part of the maintenance payment. Invoices must be in stockholder or renters name, Not Bali Hi Park.                                              i.  All Units and boats that remain in the park during the months of December, January and February shall be winterized by the stockholder, and shall remain in the park at the stockholder’s risk. The Park Manager or Board of Directors shall not incur any liability to any stockholder or renter because of damage or loss of any kind suffered by any stockholder or renter’s unit due to weather, theft or any other kind of damage. Each unit’s owner should acquire his or her own insurance to cover any such loss.
    9. Maintenance Fees: All monthly maintenance fees are to be current. Stockholders who are two months delinquent will not be permitted to enter the complex. The Park Manager or Board of Directors will deny access by deleting the stockholder’s gate pass.
    10. All improvements of any type to stockholder’s lot must get the approval of the Park Manager or Board of Directors before proceeding.

B.  Utility and Accessory Buildings

  1. One shed, gazebo, or storage building is permitted on a lot provided that the structure conforms to the County Code as to size and location of the same on site. utility, accessory or storage building is permitted on a lot provided that the structure conforms to the County code as to size and location of same on the site.
  2. Prior to placing any such structure on any site, the stockholder shall submit a site plan to the Park Manager for approval by the Board of Directors. Upon approval, the Application for Building Permit must be obtained through the Park Manager before proceeding and must comply with the County Code.

C. Gazebos:

1. According to County Code, detached metal framed, canvas roof or screened       enclosures that are able to be dismantled quickly and are not permanently affixed to the ground will not require a permit and would count as your one detached accessory building per lot and is subject to a maximum of 80 square feet.(You can have only one shed or one gazebo as permitted per County Code). However, the canvas roof and sides must be removed when leaving the park. The frame may stay.

D.  Additions, Fences, Skirting, Steps

  1. Additions, other than decks and screened porches to recreational vehicles, park trailer! and cabins, shall not be permitted.
  2. The installation of all decorative fences shall require the approval of the Park Manager or Board of Directors. Any stockholder wishing to install a decorative fence shall first submit a drawing that accurately portrays the location of the fence to the Park Manager or Board of Directors .Permanent fences shall not be permitted to outline stockholder’s property.

E.  Maintenance of Lot

  1. No rod, stake, pipe or other object shall be driven into the ground on any lot without the prior written approval of the Park Manager or Board of Directors due to the possibility of damaging underground utilities. The stockholder will be liable for any and all damages caused by any violation of this rule.
  2. Upon departing the park, lawn furniture, bicycles, chairs, grills, toys and other items shall be properly secured. All such items shall be securely stored during the three months that the park is closed.
  3. It is the obligation of the stockholder to grass & weeds from around trees, shrubbery structures on his or her lot at their own expense.
  4. All improvements to the lot must be submitted and approved by the Park Manager.

F.  Clotheslines

  1. Only umbrella- type clotheslines shall be permitted on any lot in the park. When not in use, the umbrella clothesline shall be kept closed.

G. Pools and Waterslides

  1. Pools, waterslides or any other aquatic apparatus will be prohibited on any lot in the park.

H. Trash and Garbage

  1. Garbage shall be placed in plastic bags and disposed of in garbage dumpsters for pickup by the trash service company. Any bulky items shall be removed from the park by the stockholder or renter or placed in roll-off located at rear of park when available.
  2. Abandoned, unused or rusting material, or other type of junk, shall not be permitted on any lot.
  3. Yard waste such as grass, brush & debris shall be dumped in the “Yard Waste Area” in the woods over by the ditch on Marlin Drive.
  4. No outside trash is allowed. This means no garbage from home and/or from a job or business outside the park.

II.  Motor Vehicles

A. Automobiles

  1. Only passenger vehicles in good repair and appearance shall be kept in the park.
  2. Unregistered or junk cars or other types of vehicles shall not be permitted in the park. Such vehicles shall be towed away at the owner’s expense.
  3. No major repair to or overhauling of any motor vehicle shall be made or accomplished anywhere in the park.
  4. Reasonable speed limits are essential to safeguard owners, guests and visitors. A speed limit of 10 miles per hour will be strictly enforced. Any violation of speed limit must be reported to the Park Manager, stockholders should not approach violator.
  5. Vehicle engines shall not be unnecessarily raced or gunned at any time.
  6. Motor vehicles shall be operated within the park in accordance with the laws of the State of Maryland, the Worcester County Code, and the safety, parking and traffic control signs posted within the park.
  7. Golf carts are permitted to be operated within the park. Drivers of golf carts must be 16 years of age with a valid operator’s license.
    1. Stockholders are responsible for any damage caused by the operation of a golf cart. Any irresponsible operation of the golf cart must be reported to the Park Manager. The Park Manager will follow the Complaints/Violators Procedure.(b) Stockholders and renter’s lot number is to be placed on the front of the golf cart.

 B. Vehicles not Permitted

  1. Vehicles, over two axles, Go Carts, ATVs, Mules, Chuck Wagon Golf Carts and other personal motorized vehicles shall not be driven on Park streets or roads or parked on any site in the park.
  2. Abandoned and/or unlicensed or unregistered vehicles shall not be parked in the park.

C. Parking /Common Area Parking

  1. According to County Code, two parking spaces must be provided on each lot. Stockholders are to use their parking spaces before parking in common areas.
  2. Vehicles parked overnight in the street or in other unauthorized places are subject to be towed at the owner’s expense.
  3. Common Area parking is to be used for overflow parking only.
  4. Boats:
    1. No registered boat shall be more than 24 feet in length and 12 feet in height from ground, including trailer.
    2. All boats and boat trailers must have a current registration and tag.
    3. Boat and boat trailers must be in good working operation.
    4. Boat and trailer must fit on lot without invading easements or setbacks; only one boat per lot is permitted.
    5. Grass maintenance around boat and trailer is the responsibility of the stockholder.
    6. Boat and trailer must be well maintained and clean (not to be unsightly to our neighbors.)
    7. Owners entering park with boat must maintain a speed limit of 5 miles per hour at all times.
    8. Rules will be strictly enforced.
    9. All boats and trailers must be approved by the Park Manager before they are authorized to be kept in the park.

D. Boat or Utility trailers:

  1.  Boat or utility trailers must display the lot number.
  2. Renters must place the stockholders’ lot number on the boat or utility trailer.

III.  Pets and Animals

A. No more than 2 dogs will be allowed per lot as of September 2021 season. Any stockholder having 3 dogs will be grandfathered in as of September 2021 season.

B. According to Maryland Leash Law, no pet is allowed to run loose at any time.

C. Any pet that requires an outside kennel, cage or hutch is not permitted in the park.

D. Pets are only outside while on a leash attended by the owner.

E. Pets are in no way to annoy or disturb other tenants or their guests.

F. It is the responsibility of the pet owner to clean up any feces.

G. Pets must have all current vaccinations.                                                                        H. The Park Manager or Board of Directors may require the owner of any pet that is            determined to be a nuisance or disturbance to other tenants in the park to take                proper action to resolve the issue.

I.  Pets are not permitted in the pool area.

J. During Pot Luck Dinners, no dogs will be allowed in the pavilion during the dinner          time. They will be allowed in the pavilion after dinner time.


 E. Noise

  1. Stockholders or Renters of the park and their guests shall conduct themselves in a reasonably quiet manner so as not to disturb others.
  2. Noise levels shall be reduced after 12:00 midnight to 8:00 am by all stockholders or renters and their guests.
  3. Stockholders and renters shall keep their radio, all recorded music and television volumes at a reasonable level.

F. Mail Boxes

  1. No individual mailboxes shall be maintained on any unit at any time. All mail shall be received at the Park Office. It shall be the duty and obligation of each stockholder or renter to periodically check with the office for mail.
  2. Park Manager shall not be liable for stockholder/renter’s mail.

F. Swimming Pool and Bathhouse

  • Bathhouse
    1. The bathhouse and the adjacent laundry room are for the private use of the stockholders/renters and permitted guests of the park in accordance with any and all posted rules for use.
      2.The bathhouse and the laundry room shall be closed during the months of December, January and February.

    B. Swimming Pool

    The stockholders/renters shall be subject to the following rules:

    1.The swimming pool is for the private use of the stockholders/renters of the park and their permitted guests.

    2.The swimming pool shall open on Memorial Day and shall be closed the day after Labor Day.

    3.The hours of operation shall be from 9:00 a.m. to dusk seven days per week or as posted from time to time.


    5. Children under the age of fifteen shall be supervised by an adult. This rule will be strictly enforced by the Park Manager and Board of Directors. Any violation shall be reported to the Park Manager by the stockholder or renter.

    6. Rules and regulations relative to the use of the swimming pool shall be posted at the entrance to the swimming pool area.

7. Glass containers of any kind will not be permitted in the pool area.

8. Infants that wear diapers must wear swim diapers in the pool. Fecal accidents                will result in closing the pool for maintenance and the cost of maintenance will                be the responsibility of the stockholder or renter.


G. Renters

  1. Any stockholder who desires to rent his lot within the Park must notify the Park Office.
  2. If approved, the Park Office will notify the stockholder, at which time the stockholder must submit a Landlord Agreement to the Park Office.
  3. The stockholder will be responsible to meet the renter upon his or her arrival at the park. At that time, the stockholder is responsible for providing a gate card to the renter and placing renter’s trailer on site.
  4. No stockholder shall lease or attempt to lease his or her unit or lot in the park to any itinerant worker. This rule will be strictly enforced.
  5. Any renter shall be considered a guest of the park, and any violation of any rule by a renter, after notice, may lead to the renter being expelled from the park by the Park Manager. The stockholder is responsible for any violation caused by the renter.
  6. All rentals must abide by County set-backs.
  7. All seasonal renters must sign a 180-day Affirmation to be sent to the County.

H.   Gate Cards

  1. Stockholders or renters must meet guests at the entrance with gate card to permit entrance into park.
  2. Stockholders must notify the management if a repairman or delivery is expected.
  3. Only 3 gate cards are allotted to each lot. The fee for new or replaced gate cards is $10 per card. Gate cards are not to be passed out to friends to be used permanently.

I. General

  1. The use of any fireworks, firearm, BB gun, air rifle, bow and arrow, slingshot or other weapon or dangerous device is prohibited within the park.
  2. No loud, vulgar or profane language will be permitted.
  3. No peddling, soliciting or commercial enterprises are permitted in the park. Signs for advertisements must be posted on the bulletin board in Laundry Room.

J. Enforcements

  1. Violations should be reported in writing to the Park Manager or Board of Directors.
  2. Complaints/Violator Procedures
    1. 1St offense — verbal warning
    2. 2nd offense — written warning
    3. 3rd offense — appear before Board of Directors to determine penalty. Possible fines may be imposed.
  3. A file will be kept in the Park Office of each offense and placed in the stockholder’s file.

K. Amendments

  1. Amendments to the Rules may be made at any time by the Board of Directors and copies of such amendments shall be distributed to stockholders. Such amendments shall become effective upon issuance of park rules.

L. Posting of Rules

  1. A copy of the Park Rules, as amended from time to time, shall be posted in the Park Office or at any appropriate location in the park normally used for posting of announcements.

Revised 8/2023

Amendments to Bali Hi Park Rules