Permit Requirements

From Joseph Shenal, Worcester County Building Housing Zoning Inspector II

The current building code adopted by Worcester County that pertains to Bali Hi RV Park is the International Residential Building Code. (2018 IRC)
This applies to all permits currently submitted for approval and all future permit applications. Current permit applicants will be contacted when their permit comes up for review. All copies submitted must be clear and readable and centered in the sheet.

The following must be submitted with all applications for building permits:

1. Building plans and details for proposed F.E.M.A. foundation.

2. If you are replacing a window in an RV and you plan to alter the opening in any way, you must have the RV manufacturers written permission to alter the structure. You may replace the window with the new RV type window without changing the size. Residential windows are not permitted.

3. Building plans and details for decks and sunrooms including details for foundations and railing attachment. A Foundation plan, Floor Plan, Roof Framing Plan and Through-Building Section are required.

Drawings may be hand drawn on a minimum 11″x17″ paper and must be drawn to scale. (1/8″=1″-0″) or (1/4″=1″-0″)

4. All decks and sunroom additions must be free-standing and receive no structural support from the RV structure.

5. The majority of Bali HI RV Park is in F.E.M.A. Flood Hazard Zone AE-4. The base flood elevation (BFE) is 4.0′ all living areas and RV floor structure above the trailer main steel frame must be above the BFE. F.E.M.A. Elevation Certificates will be required for all projects.

6. SilverTop Manufacturing Co., Inc. Awnings and Patio Enclosures

The current manufacturers information that has been submitted does not reference the current 2019 IRC. The data provided references the 2009IRC which is many years and code cycles out of date. The engineers professional certification is dated May 13, 2014. If the Sunroom is conditioned (heated or cooled) the product must also meet the 2018 International Energy Conservation requirements. Until the code references are updated by the engineer we will not be approving this product anywhere in the county.